Advice in County Durham
"Working Together For You"

Referral System

The implementation of an online referral system has the following key aims:

No 'wrong door' when it comes to seeking advice for clients

We recognise that organisations need to refer clients to other organisations for lots of reasons, more commonly because they do not have expertise in the subject area or at the level needed. The implementation of the referral system will support organisations to refer clients and enable better access to each other’s services securely and in a more standardised way, to get clients the expert help they need.

As a member of the Advice in County Durham Partnership your organisation will be given a unique log in to the secure site where referrals can be made and received to other members of the partnership. As the system is based within a secure web portal, the need to encrypt data for emailing will be eradicated, making the process more seamless, secure and improving the protection of client information.

Full training will also be provided and there will be no charge for using the system.